MINIMIST SPEED Climbing Skins (Past Season)
MINIMIST SPEED Climbing Skins (Past Season)
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MINIMIST SPEED Climbing Skins (Past Season)

G3 Genuine Guide Gear®
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The MINIMIST SPEED with 100% mohair plush is the lightest, fastest, and most packable high-performance skin available that doesn't sacrifice usability.

The side-to-side stiffness in the backing material of every MINIMIST skin creates a directionally rigid platform making it harder for snow to creep between your skin and ski base and extending the use of your adhesive. G3's low profile, elongated tail strap makes transitions fast and easy. The refined camming clip stays positioned on the ski, reduces wear and allows for easy adjustments. 

Removable rip strip reduces skin-to-skin adhesion, making it easier to pull apart skins. If your glue gets contaminated on an epic traverse, you can remove the strip for extra adhesion.

  • Laterally stiff to reduce snow creep
  • Bomber tail connector
  • Removable rip strip
  • Trim Tool & Skin Savers included
  • Updated non-toxic adhesive lets you do more laps and cover more terrain
  • PFOA-free Waterproofing Treatment that exceeds environmental standards
  • Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in BC, Canada

Tech Specs

Lengths: 150 - 166cm 161 - 177cm 172 - 188cm 183 - 199cm
Size: X Short Short Medium Long
Weight (kg): 202g - 252g 215g - 260g 224g - 273g 241g - 289g
Weight (lb): 7.1oz - 8.9oz 7.6oz - 9.2oz 7.9oz - 9.6oz 8.5oz - 10.2oz
Width: 100mm 115mm 130mm 145mm

Customer Reviews

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stephan A.
G3 minimist

I live and ski primarily in Southern Ontario. While skinning is growing in popularity here, we are often confined to the edge of a groomed run on parts. At my ski club - that means icy conditions with some occasional sections that are very steep. I probably should have selected a grippier skin. I do like the minimist when the snow is deeper and slipping back on a steep icy run is not a concern. It has lasted well and is in its 3rd season. The clear backing developed some tears (possibly my fault) but I was able to find a urethane coated fabric to use as a backing. It’s a bit heavier but does the job. Overall I would say the Minimist has performed exactly as described and has stood up well.

Nobody ever mentions it, but it seems that your weight should be taken into account in skin selection. I weigh 95 Kg but think a smaller person of 65 Kg would not have the same issue slipping backwards.

Overall - good work and great products from G3.

Nice glide

I've done about 10 hrs on the skins so far, I'm very pleased. Good grip on any slope I care to climb, excellent glide on short downhills and flats. I like the tip connection on skins, works great on G3 findr.

Camille-Antoine Ouimet

Amazing skins

Kurt W.
Glue issues: how to fix?

So glad to buy and ski Canadian made by a company just a few blocks away from home.

My glue kind of came off in some critical areas as I was cutting the skins, although user error of the tool may have caused that. Now snow creep is incessant. I was thinking I can take a heat gun to spread the glue out and mend the damaged glue on the edge: what do you guys say, g3?

Regarding the tail strap: it’s clearly got some minimalist fragility. It doesn’t stretch anything like the alpinist+ skin. Solution? Don’t crank it down. It’s awesome as is.

Hi Kurt, Thanks for your review! If you're experiencing issues with the glue, you can contact the Warranty Team here and they will be able to help you out. Our skins come with a 1-year warranty. Hope that helps!

Konrad Kulikowski
So so

I don't like the glue. Maybe it works great in the frigid Canadian Rockies but in Colorado, it is just too sticky. It is always a pain to pull G3 skins off. I look like a newb trying to pull these off with the skis on while the P* brand skins peel nice and easily. Grip is also questionable. Did a long race with these and they failed on the uphills while my friends race skins with the same composition with skinnier skis held tight. Blame it on the user I guess.