111 Pump Peak Summits In a Year

In true Traslin brothers classic style, Andy and Mike Traslin set out on a peculiar quest in 2016... to step atop the summit of their backyard 'Pump Peak' over 100 times in one year. Sitting atop North Vancouver's Mt Seymour, almost everyone in the area has been up Pump Peak at least once, but odds are the Traslins are the only guys to tag it 111 times, and why not?

When we dug into why they would choose such a random endeavor, Andy highlighted how rewarding and motivating it is to set a goal, stay motivated, and get out in the mountains on days when you'd otherwise opt out. In the end they hit the peak 111 times in 2016, encountering powder, rain, hail, freezing rain, sun, whiteouts, strong winds, you name it. All of it. It keeps you in shape and ready for bigger mountaineering projects, and it gets you out the door and in the mountains with barely any driving required.

After a warm and rainy November, the project ended in style with new G3 FINDr skis to lighten the load, along with an amazingly cold and snowy December 2016 that put North Vancouver's peaks in prime touring condition.

Cheers to 2017, and whatever antics the Traslins might be up to next. We'll keep you posted when we find out.

What's going to get you out the door this winter?

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Author: Andy Traslin

My parents got me into skiing and the mountains at a young age. My training followed a traditional ski racing path that progressed to freeriding the front country. It didn’t take long for me to pursue powder stashes and develop a longing to keep going farther and farther to see what would be around the next corner. That, combined with the fact that I like to push myself to the maximum in the mountains and test the limits of my physical abilities, drive me to race. I have been racing in the Pro/Elite category as both a ski mountaineer and mountain biker. Even in non-race mode, every day on the mountain brings out a drive to attain greater distances and speeds in pursuit of steep skiing and speed traverses.