ENZO R Mounting & Installation Instructions

Proper ski binding mounting procedures are essential for you to get the full safety, enjoyment and performance out of your ENZO R bindings. These bindings should be mounted by certified professionals.

Download : ENZO R Mounting and Installation Instructions

Important Notes

  • G3 strongly recommends only mounting ENZO R bindings in newly drilled holes. Using holes from a previously mounted binding could result in binding pullout.
  • Be sure to completely fill the drill holes with an epoxy adhesive (1 hour cure or slower recommended). Using Epoxy will make binding removal more difficult, but will provide the strongest possible mount. Heating epoxied screws with a soldering iron may make removal easier.
  • Any custom modifications to the binding will invalidate the warranty, and could put the skier at risk of injury.
  • Prior to each use the bindings should be checked for any broken parts. If anything is defective or broken please return the binding to an authorized dealer for service.
  • Skiing without a ski leash can put others at risk, as well as the risk of loss of the ski and binding.
  • During transport, bindings can become contaminated with salt, dirt and other contaminants that can alter or impair the performance. Cover your bindings during transport to reduce this risk.
  • Any unintended use of the binding will void the warranty, and could put people at risk
  • Use only genuine G3 accessories for ENZO R bindings to ensure that the safety, performance or any other design feature is not compromised.