Non-Emergency Use For Probes: Stability Tests, Glacier Travel

While avalanche probes are an essential element in the holy trinity of companion rescue, they also have the additional practical applications in snow science and safe backcountry travel protocols. And, it just so happens, that G3’s flagship product was, in fact, the avalanche probe.

If you consider yourself a snow-it-all at all, then you know avalanche probes aren’t just used to pinpoint your buried pals. Probes work as fixtures for conducting stability tests like the Rueschblock and Extended Column Tests. Used in conjunction with saws and avalanche cords, one or more probes at a snow pit site work to keep the tests organized and professional in style and consistency. Because they come marked with 5mm increments, probes are also useful in qualifying snow pit measurements and sighting in the different layers in a given snowpack.

Glacier travel is another arena wherein probes have significant use. Whether you’re route finding over snow bridges, sizing up a potential campsite, or even leaving a cache for later disinterment, probes provide an easy way to gauge snow structure or discover potential hidden dangers unseen from the surface.

G3 probes use a single pull rapid deployment mechanism with a serious commitment to immediacy. They are constructed with high strength piping and aluminum ferrules that withstand the repeated use of day-to-day snow science duties of professionals, and diligent backcountry denizens alike. The ease of use that makes G3 probes effective in rescue also make them efficient and dependable for all other backcountry uses.

Genuine Guide Gear has three series of probes to choose from: the ultra-light Carbon Speed Tech series marries lightweight virtues with strength, the Speed Tech for day in/ day out dependability, as well as the Industrial Series, designed for ski patrols and Search and Rescue organizations.

Whether you’re sizing up a snow pit, searching out a safe route, or possibly saving a submerged friend, G3 wants the dependability and function of all their probes to be efficient, fast, and above all, genuine. Everybody likes good tools.



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