Closer Look At G3 Skins

At G3 we're focused on constantly innovating backcountry gear to make winter backcountry skiing and snowboarding safer, easier, more accessible, and of course more fun.

We know that simple things like climbing skin performance can make or break a day in the backcountry. Having your skins constantly fall off, get caked in snow, or under perform in general can annoy the heck out of you at best, or strand you in the backcountry at worst. Meanwhile effective skins can get you further, higher, faster, saving more time and energy for the descent. Hence, even with 10 years of high performance climbing skin development under their belts, our engineers are still actively improving our climbing skins.

The biggest improvement for our skins this year is our new patented tail connector; making our skins even more reliable and easy to use. The over-centre camming clip stays positioned on the tail strap, reduces tail strap wear and allows for easier adjustment and tensioning of skin.

Meanwhile the rest of what made our Alpinist Skins so popular is back unchanged for 2011/12. We've kept the laminated tip and tail connections for a light-weight, low-profile design, maintained our superior adhesive that's good to -30C, and continue to take advantage of our patented self-aligning stainless steel hands that make tip connection easy for any style of ski tip.



For any location and all conditions. Universal nylon plush material for durability and versatility. Optimal balance of grip/glide/weight/durability. The stiff material of the ALPINIST+ tip...

$150.00 Shop ALPINIST+ UNIVERSAL Climbing Skins

Meanwhile, the real excitement this season is among backcountry snowboarders. True to our mantra of making winter backcountry travel more fun and accessible, we couldn't help but notice how effective our twin tip connection system would be for splitboarders, who had limited options for climbing skins until now. New for 2011/12 and completely purpose built for splitboarders, our Alpinist Splitboard Skins take splitboard climbing skin performance and reliability to a new level, and we can't wait for more snowboarders to get their hands on them this winter.