#G3POV - Once Is Enough Couloir & No Name Face

Our man Tanner Flanagan debuts in our #G3POV series with this gem of a day. He sums it up... "We skied from the JHMR Tram, out the Backcountry Gate, over to the Cody Peak hike, up and over Cody Peak to Once Is Enough Couloir. After skiing the couloir we traversed then hiked over to No Name Peak to ski No Name Face. After the face we traversed over to No Name Canyon and dropped into Mini Gothic and out the lower canyon. Traversing back to the JHMR is not a big deal, after all it was just ONE RUN, over 5 miles and 4,000 vertical feet taking about 2.5 hours. Leaving time for another? And yes it was Gordons first time on all three!"