How To Assemble An Avalanche Probe

To assemble your probe, hold onto the top segment in one hand and gently toss the rest away from you. Still holding onto that top segment, use your other hand to pull the T-handle while gently shaking the tubes into alignment. Keep pulling until a small metal ball on the wire or a knot on the cord appears - this is your locking mechanism. Slide that ball up through the large hole off to the side and seat it in the probe end socket. This may require a firm pull for that final few centimeters. The ball will rest in the end socket to hold tension on the probe while in use.

SPEED Avalanche Probes

SPEED Avalanche Probes

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It is easy to see when your probe is locked just by looking at it. No metal ball means it's not locked. You can leave the T-handle hanging while in use or clip it to the probe to keep things tidy.

To disassemble your probe you simply do the same process backwards. First pull the handle to unseat the ball from the end socket and guide it through the larger hole. Starting with the top segment, pull the tubes apart and fold them to fit in the bag or your pack.