June 2017

It has come to G3’s attention that the Front Heel Body Screws (Figure A) of some ION Binding Heel Turrets were not installed to our production specifications. As a result, the screws may come loose and cause the binding to release. While only rare instances of failure and no injuries have been reported, we are issuing a Warranty Repair on limited ION Binding Heel Turrets to ensure our products perform to our specifications.

If you or any of your ski partners/friends/fellow backcountry travelers are using ION bindings, please follow the Inspection Guidelines and determine if your heel turrets are affected.

ION Figure A

Inspection Guidelines - How to determine if ION Heel Turrets are affected:

Any 2015 production model ION with aluminum top caps are not affected. See figures B and C. Aluminum top caps are shiny and metallic in appearance. Comoulded metal/plastic top caps appear matte black in appearance. If the Front Heel Body Screws (Figure A) of your ION Binding Heel Turret are black, the binding has already been serviced and you do not need to send it in for repair.

If the Heel Turret has a comoulded metal/plastic top cap, check the serial number:

  • If you have an ION 12 with serial numbers starting with 3H15 (all) or 3H16 (00001 - 04132) it may be affected.

  • If you have an ION 10 with serial numbers starting with 4H15 (all) or 4H16 (00001 - 04170) it may be affected.

  • If you have an ION LT 12 with serial numbers starting with 5H15 (all) or 5H16 (00001 - 02177) it may be affected.

ION Figure B-C

Locating the Serial Numbers:

Serial numbers of each ION heel unit may be found in 3 different locations: under the binding baseplate, under the heel turret or on the box packaging. Every pair of bindings has 4 unique serial numbers. Please check both heel units to confirm if they are affected.

ION Figure D-1
ION Figure D-2

Return Process:

If you determine you have an ION Heel Turret that is affected, and you have determined it has not already been serviced (if you the Front Heel Body Screws (Figure A) are not black), please contact us at fill out our Warranty Form.

G3 will provide specific instructions to ensure your issue is serviced.

G3 is a proud member of the backcountry ski community and a leader within the touring binding segment. We have been designing, manufacturing and assembling bindings in Canada for over a decade and we continue to improve our industry-leading calibration and tracking process.

We strive for innovation and the opportunity to amplify our customer’s exhilarating outdoor experiences. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

— The G3 Team