Love Glove (Pair)
Love Glove (Pair)

Love Glove (Pair)

G3 Genuine Guide Gear®
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Faster and easier than traditional skin savers for quick transitions in the field, this intuitive spandex sack wicks moisture from your skins for better performance, and gives your gloves some love by keeping them free of glue & gunk. Note: the Love Glove is designed for field use, not for long-term storage.


Tech Specs

Weight (kg): 50g (single)

Customer Reviews

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My G3 skins are sticking to the Love gloves

From the start of my purchase of the love gloves, my G3 skins are sticking to the gloves. I am using the gloves only when I am outside for climbing in the winter. My skins are never stored in the gloves during summer . See the pictures of the glue everywhere on the gloves. I am waiting for a claim under warranty.

Miranda R.
I love these!

These are so great to have for transitions, easy to use, and a simple, effective way to tuck skins away.

Jean-Pierre A.
nice idea

Have used the love gloves a couple of times on one-run errands. Seems like a good idea to prevent battling with skins in the wind and preventing them to stick together too harshly. Will have to see how they keep clean in the long run, and on repeated skin-deskin scenarios, which is coming up soon

Too small for splitboard skins

it would be nice if you'd offer a wider version that fits splitboard skins.


Wish I could have read all these unanswered questions for why everyone’s “love gloves” are sticking to the skins. Mine did right out of the bag.. Very good idea, that’s poorly executed and unaddressed.

Thanks for your feedback Carey! Proper usage is to have them ‘inside out’ in the love glove with the glue touching the fabric. The skins are meant to stick to the love glove but also to let go quite easily. They’re intended for field storage only. Sticking might happen if the glue is already gummy, if the skins are left in the love glove for long periods and/or exposed to UV, or maybe if some sort of cross contamination occurred. If none of those are the case for you, please feel free to submit a warranty request and we can determine if a replacement or refund is appropriate.